Designed & printed by Erik Spiekermann

For the final poster in our series of limited edition artwork prints, we’ve done something truly special: number eight has been designed and hand-printed by Erik Spiekermann on his Korrex proof press in Berlin, using original wood and metal type. As with our previous prints, each copy is individually numbered and bears the 8 Faces blind-embossed stamp, but additionally each print has also been hand-signed by Erik!

Due to the high number of customers who pre-ordered all eight pieces of art, we have fewer than 50 to sell. 8 Faces poster #8 has now sold out.

All orders will ship on 29th July, packed in protective cardboard tubes.

Posters 1 – 7

Over the course of a year, we’ve been releasing a series of eight A3 (297mm x 420mm) posters, each one limited to 100 individually-numbered editions and hand-stamped in the corner with our blind-embossed 8 Faces logo.

Our first seven prints have all sold out. We were proud to publish beautiful limited edition artwork from David Brezina, Jessica Hische, Erik Marinovich, Drew Melton, Simon Ålander, Laura Serra, and Simon Walker. Fifty early supporters are the proud owners of all eight posters. Thank you for your trust and patience!