8 Faces was a typography magazine, then a book. Now, say hello to Fine Specimens.

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Over the course of 8 Faces’ life, we interviewed 64 graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, and artists, and set some beautiful type specimens for their eight favourite typefaces. We also published forewords and essays by a number of thought-leaders in the design industry, making 8 Faces a source of knowledge as well as inspiration.

Then, thanks to 1,000 supporters on Kickstarter, in July 2018, we published a huge hardcover book, collecting and re-designing and re-editing all eight issues, which has since sold out.
Now, in May 2024, I’ve launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund Fine Specimens — a collection of contemporary specimen graphics from indie type foundries around the world.

To help bring this new book to life, please back the book on Kickstarter!

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~ Elliot Jay Stocks


Launched halfway during the magazine’s run, our blog — run by type designer Jamie Clarke — became one of the leading typography destinations on the web. While it’s no longer updated, it remains online.

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